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This Kansas Gazetteer provides boundary maps, current demographic data, local area photos, school districts, and Business Directories for 3,004 Kansas locations including: cities, towns, villages, counties, ZIP Codes and Census Designated Places (CDPs).

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  1. Kansas Cities - alphabetical list of all Kansas cites, towns, villages and Census Designated Places (CDPs)
  2. Kansas ZIP Codes with maps and demographics including population, per capita income and housing
  3. Kansas Physical Features such as lakes, islands, streams, valleys, summits, etc.
  4. Kansas Cultural Features such as schools, churches, hospitals, parks, dams, reservoirs, etc.
  5. Kansas Historical Features and Kansas Historic Landmarks

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  • Nearest Lodgings to millions of Geographic Features
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  • ZIP Code Maps & Data | 4 | Nov 1, 2014
  • School Maps & Profiles | 4 | Oct 6, 2014
  • Features, 30,687 | 6 | Dec 2, 2014
  • Demographics, 3,004 Locations | 1 | Jul 1, 2014

KS Cities, Towns & Census Designated Places (CDPs)

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Kansas Counties

Kansas Gazetteer Synopsis

Kansas Cities: profiles of 1,998 Kansas cities, towns, neighborhoods, subdivisions, settlements and other places in Kansas that people call home. Each profile includes a variety of maps and aerial photos plus a listing of local schools, hospitals, parks, libraries, airports, churches, plus links to other nearby physical, cultural and historical features with maps, distances and driving directions. The profile for each Kansas city & town also includes a variety of resources including local jobs, newspapers, real estate MLS listings along with a "nearby search" tool for finding nearly anything in the local area.

Kansas Counties: data for each of the 105 Kansas Counties including cities, towns and other populated places as well as Kansas physical, cultural and historical features - all sorted by County.

Kansas Maps: interactive state and County maps plus five standard maps/aerial photos for each Kansas city, town, physical, cultural or historical feature. Most maps have links for a targeted local area search, distance and driving directions, and links to a very large map display.

Kansas ZIP Codes: complete list of Kansas ZIP Codes with the cities and towns formally associated with the ZIP Code by the US Postal Service. You can search for a Kansas city or town and find corresponding ZIP Codes. A map displays the centroid for each Kansas ZIP Code.

Kansas Features: extensive lists of Kansas Physical Features such as lakes, island and steams, Kansas Cultural Features such as schools, parks, hospitals & airports, plus Kansas Historical Features and Kansas's National Historic Landmarks. Maps and driving instructions are provided for all Kansas features.

Kansas Census: census data for Kansas cities, towns, villages and Census Designated Places (CDP) as well as all 105 Kansas Counties - including County subdivisions. Data includes population, housing units, land and water area, and Kansas State/Kansas County demographics.

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Information Updates

The Demographic Data for the 3,004 Kansas cities, towns, counties, ZIP Codes and Census Designated Places (CDPs) profiled in this gazetteer is updated annually. Last Update: July 1, 2014.

The ZIP Code maps and the data regarding the number of residential and business addresses in each ZIP Code are updated four times per year. Last Update: November 1, 2014.

The information on the 30,687 Kansas Physical, Cultural and Historic Features is updated six times per year. Last Update: December 2, 2014.

The School Attendance Zone Maps for 1,354 Kansas public schools are updated four times per year. Last Update: October 6, 2014.